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The college aims at all round development of the student personality by including physical, practical, aesthetic, moral and intellectual aspects into its educational programme. The college is striving towards development of a committed academic community and modern infrastructural facilities to active excellence. Objectives of the college :
  • To Empower Women to Assume Leadership
  • To Develop Critical Thinkers and Concerned Citizens
  • To Enhance Access and in Quality Education
  • Strengthening and sustaining intellectual and scholastic standards.
  • Sensitizing students and instilling human values.
  • Increasing awareness towards national and global social concerns.
  • Promoting a congenial socio-cultural environment among students of diverse backgrounds.
  • Instilling a spirit of responsibility, teamwork and leadership
  • Promoting skill oriented programmes
  • Achieving global standards of excellence in education, training and research.
  • Development of a committed academic community
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