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1. B.A.
Instructions for B.A. I and II year:
Compulsory Subjects:

1. Hindi Language or General English (Two year Syllabus)
2. Physical Education (Three year Syllabus)
3. Environment (One year Syllabus)
Optional Subjects: (Any three subjects) 
1. Hindi Literature 2. Sanskrit Literature 
3. English Literature 4. Music (Vocal/ Tabla/ Sitar)
5. Painting 6. Home Science
7. Political Science  8. Sociology
9. History  10. Economics 
11. Education  12. Fashion Designing
A Student of B.A. I year has to select either Hindi or General English and Physical Education in all the three years of Graduation level and compulsorily select Environment in any one year and pass in these subject.
1. Amongst the above mentioned optional subjects the student has to select any three.
2. Inscribed on SL. No. 04 in Music, the students can select any one subject out of Music Vocal, Music Instrumental-Tabla, and Music Instrumental-Sitar.
3. Optional subjects taken in B.A. I year have to be taken in II year.
4. A student can take only two subjects out of English, Hindi and Sanskrit Literature.
5. Physical Education will be taught in all the three years, which has to be compulsorily passed by the student. Under University regulations, handicapped students are eligible for exemption, regarding which proceedings will be as per the instructions of the University.
6. Every student has to compulsorily take the exam of Environment in B.A. I year. If they fail in the exam, they can take the above mentioned exam the following year.
NOTE: According to the rules of M.J.P.R.U. every regular student has to surely pass Physical Education and Environment exam to receive Graduation Degree. Lacking this, Graduation Degree will not be awarded even if other subjects have been cleared.
Instructions for B.A. III:-
Compulsory subject -
Physical Education
Optional subject - Leaving out General Hindi/ English opted for in B.A. I / II year, any two subjects out of the three optional subjects have to be opted for.
2. B.Sc. (Home Science)
3. B.Com. (H)
4. B.Lib.
1. Musical Vocal
2. Painting
3. Sociology
4. Economics
5. Political Science
6. History
7. Music- Instrumental (Tabla/Sitar)
8. English Literature
9. M.A. (Home Science)
10. M.Com.
11. M.A. (Fashion Designing)
12. M.A. (Education)
13. M.Lib (Proposed)
14. M.Sc. (Proposed)

In addition to the traditional graduation/ post graduation degree courses there is proper arrangement of professional courses in the college to make one self-reliant in accordance with present times. One can pursue these courses along with traditional B.A. /M.A.
S.No Subject Department Co-ordinator
1. Design Commercial Painting Dr. Shashi Bala Rathi
2. Diploma in Kathak Dance Music Dr. Rajni Bhatnagar
3. Diploma in Computer Application Economics Dr.Anamika Kaushiva
4. 4. Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy Hindi Dr. Asha Gupta

Note: - For admission in Diploma Courses affiliated to M.J.P.R.U. it is compulsory to score 45% marks in Intermediate exam. There is an exemption of 5% for SC/ST candidates.

S.No Subject Department Co-ordinator
1. Sugam Sangeet and Lok Sangeet Music Dr. Ruchi Gupta
2. Diploma in Communication skill In English English Dr. Rakesh Arora
3. Nursery Teacher’s Training Diploma Education Dr. Radha Yadav
4. Diploma in Human Rights Political Science Dr. Preeti Pathak


S.No Subject Deptartment Co-ordinator
1. Design Commercial (6 months) Painting Dr. Shashi Bala Rathi
2. Interior Decoration (6 months) Painting Dr. Shashi Bala Rathi
3. Fashion Designing (6 months) Painting Dr. Shashi Bala Rathi
4. Photography (6 months) Painting Dr. Shashi Bala Rathi
5. Sculpture (6 months) Painting Dr. Shashi Bala Rathi
6. Kathak Dance (6 months) Music Dr. Rajni Bhatnagar
7. Computer Application (6 months and short term course) Economics Dr. Anamika Kaushiva
8. Yoga Hindi Dr. Asha Gupta
9. English Speaking (Short Term Course) English Dr. Rakesh Arora

Note: In case of seats remaining vacant male candidates are eligible for admission in the above mentioned programs. For admission in Diploma/P.G. Diploma, it is compulsory to score 45% marks in Intermediate/ Graduation exam, according to the admission rules of the University. There will be an exemption of 5 percent marks for SC/ST candidates.

For the post 15 years or so the institution is conducting high level research work mainly in post graduate subjects for the degree of Ph.D. Till date, 85 research scholars in Music , and around 64 research scholars in Painting subject have received Ph.D. degrees. Along with this research work is also being done in Hindi Literature and Sociology. Along with traditional research, as many as 4 research projects of the teachers employed at the institute have been approved by UGC, out of which Painting Department has completed a major and minor research project. Currently, the Music Department is working on its major project. Many research papers of lecturers and scholars have been published and they have enthusiastically participated in contributing research papers in National and International seminars. The benefits of such a contribution are coming to light. In conducting research, the library of our institution plays a vital role. The library is updated every year by using the funds of the college budget and UGC grants. Various journals (National / International) are subscribed for the library in all subjects.
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