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The college has a qualified teaching faculty with 24 permanent lectures out of which two possess D.Litt Degree, 20 possess a doctorate degree. PG degree. 15 lecturers approved by MJPRU are appointed in the self finance courses. 35 part time lecturers are also working in the college. The teachers are appointed as per the Rules and Regulation of the Government.

Teacher Panel
Sahu Ram Swaroop Mahila Mahavidyala, Bareilly
1. Dr. (Mrs.) Asha Gupta
Associate Professor,M.A(Hindi),Ph.D
2. Dr. Pratibha Pandey
Assistant Professor,M.A(Hindi),Ph.D
3. Mrs. Anita
Assistant Professor,MA(Hindi),NET,Ph.D
4. Ms.Shweta Maurya Shweta morya
Assistant professor,M.A(English),NET
5. Dr.Beena Yadav
Assistant professor,M.A(English),NET, Ph.D
6. Ms. Priyanka Verma
Assistant professor,M.A(English),NET,JRF
7. Dr. Ruchi Shinghal
Lecturer(Self Finance), M.A(English),Ph.D
8. Dr. Priyali Dutta
Lecturer(Self Finance), M.A(English),Ph.D
9. Dr. Anamika Kaushiva
Associate Professor, M.A(Economics),NET, Ph.D
10. Dr. Poonam Singh
Associate Professor, M.A(Economics),NET, Ph.D
11. Mrs. Archana Sharma
Lecturer(Self Finance), M.A(Economics),NET
12. Dr. (Smt.) Reena Tandon
Lecturer(Self Finance), M.A(Economics), Ph.D
13. Dr. Kanak Lata Singh
Associate Professor, M.A(Sociology),NET, Ph.D
14. Mrs. Seema Agarwal
Associate Professor, M.A(Sociology)
15. Dr. Kanika Pandey
Associate Professor, M.A(Sociology), Ph.D
16. Dr. Pratima Singh
Assistant Professor, M.A(Sociology),NET
1. Dr. Preeti Pathak
Associate Professor, M.A(Political Science)NET, Ph.D
18. Mrs. Shraddha Mishra
Assistant Professor, M.A(Political Science),NET,JRF
19. Dr. Seema Gautam
Assistant Professor, M.A(History),NET, Ph.D
20. Dr. Radha Yadav
Associate Professor, M.Sc ,M.Ed,Ph.D
21. Ms. Mahima Yadav
Assistant Professor, M.A(Education), M.Ed,NET,JRF
22. Mrs. Jyoti Gupta
Assistant Professor, M.A(Education), M.Ed,NET,JRF
23. Mrs. Reena Rani Arya
Lecturer(Self Finance),M.Ed,NET,Ph.D
24. Dr. Anita Jaiswal
Lecturer(Self Finance),M.A(Education),NET,Ph.D
25. Dr. Shashi Shukla
Associate Professor, M.A(Music Vocal), Ph.D
26. Dr. Ruchi Gupta
Associate Professor, M.A(Music Vocal),M.Phil, Ph.D
27. Dr. Jyoti Sharma
Associate Professor, M.A(Music Vocal),NET,Sangeet Praveen, Ph.D,D.Litt
28. Dr.Akansha Rastogi
Assistant Professor, M.A(Music Vocal),NET, Ph.D
29. Dr.Priti Singh
Assistant Professor, M.Mus(Music Sitar),NET, JRF,Ph.D
30. Dr.Deepshikha Singh
Assistant Professor, M.A(Music Tabla),NET, Ph.D
31. Dr. Anju Mishra
Lecturer(Self Finance),M.A(Music Tabla),Ph.D
32. Dr. Geeta Agarwal
Assistant Professor, M.A(Drawing and Painting),M.Ed, Ph.D
33. Sri Ashutosh Singh
Assistant Professor, M.M.T, M.V.A,NET,JRF
34. Dr. Abhilasha Saraswat
Lecturer (Self Finance),M.Sc (Home Science),NET, Ph.D
35. Dr. Geet Chawla GeetChawla
Lecturer (Self Finance),M.Sc (Home Science),NET, Ph.D
36. Mrs. Geetanjali Geetanjali
Lecturer (Self Finance),M.A(Home Science),NET
37. Dr. Alka Jaiswal
Lecturer (Self Finance),M.A(Drawing & Painting),Ph.D
38. Dr. Laxmi
Lecturer (Self Finance),M.A(Drawing & Painting),NET,Ph.D
39. Dr. Priti Verma
Assistant Professor,M.P.Ed,NET,JRF,Ph.D
40. Dr. Pragya Rawat
Lecturer (Self Finance),M.Com,Ph.D
41. Dr. Shweta Agarwal
Lecturer (Self Finance),M.A, Ph.D
42. Dr. Pragati Agarwal
Lecturer (Self Finance),M.Com,NET
43. Ms. Divya Pandey
Lecturer (Self Finance),M.Lib,NET
44. Dr. Garima
Lecturer (Self Finance), M.A, Ph.D
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