Media Cell

Media Cell

Media Cell

Media cell is established to play a significant role in projecting college activities, disseminating information for students related to admission, academics, cocurricular activities, extension activities, examination, and achievements of the college. It is serving as an important link between students, teachers, and other stakeholders of the academic world.

Creation of Media Cell

Media cell came into existence in the academic session 2021-22 Media. As envisaged by our principal, Dr. Anupama Mehrotra, the objective of the media cell is:

  • To establish better link of communication of achievements of the college through the electronic, print and social media platforms, specially, Newspapers, WhatsApp, Telegram and YouTube.
  • To provide information about academic, co-cultural, and government programs to students and all other stakeholders.
  • To provide information regarding educational and administrative decisions and notices of the college and the affiliating University.

The Media Group members are –

  • Dr, Akansha Rastogi , Assistant Prof. Music Dept.,
  • Dr. Reena Tandon, Assistant Prof. Economics Department,
  • Dr. Ruchi Singhal, Assistant Prof. English Department,
  • Dr. Alka Jaiswal, Assistant Prof. Fashion Designing Department, Sri Atul Saxena, Office
  • Mrs. Akansha, IQAC Assistant, Office

The Media Cell is committed to in strengthening and building up the image of the college. Our mandate is to disseminate information for students of university through mass media.

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