Buddha and Gandhi Study Centre

Buddha and Gandhi Study Centre

In the era transition towards globalization, materialistic growth, disintegration of fundamental, social and cultural institutions, deterioration in human values, intolerance and criminal attitude, emotionless mechanical behavior -all have extremely distorted the fabrics of human society. Such downfalls prey mostly on the young generation of today. If we have to lead the youth on the path of ‘goodness’ by reviving their power, if we have to insert new energy in them. We have to imbibe the principles of Mahatma Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi in our heart and spirit, in our speech and by action. To put a check on the downfall in the society and to make the higher education value based, The University Grant Commission, New Delhi under the scheme ‘Epoch Making Social Thinkers of India’, in the 11th Plan, provided grants for the teaching and learning of the ideologies and thoughts of great personalities of India in the universities and degree colleges by setting up centrer’s. In this series grant was provided to the college in 2008-09 for the establishment of Buddha Study Center and in 2009-10 for the establishment of Gandhi Study Center.

These study centers since their establishment, have continuously undertaken various types of activities to achieve their objectives. These study centers have their own library ornamented with best literature on Buddha and Gandhian philosophy. The library consists of around 1500 books through which students and researchers are continuously making their knowledge prosperous.

Certificate and Diploma Courses are conducted by the centers for the students, free of cost, to create awareness about the thoughts of Mahatma Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi amongst them. Guests lectures of learned scholars, renowned teachers and great thinkers from across the country are also organized throughout the session.

Many national seminars have been organized by the centers continuously.

  • 23-24 Jan. 2009 - National Seminar on “Bouddh Dharm Darshan kee Vartmaan Sandarbh me Prasangikta”
  • 24-25 January 2010 - National Seminar on “Bouddh Dharm Darshan me Naitikta evam Mulya Chetana”
  • 02 February 2016 - National Seminar on “Jan Manas per Bouddh evam Gandhi Darshan ka Prabhav”.

To create awareness about the philosophy of Mahatma Buddha and Gandhi Ji amongst the students, workshops are also organized in which a large numbers of students actively participate.

Books edited published by the centers –

  • “Bouddh Sansparsh Part I”
  • “Bouddh Sansparsh Part II”
  • “Bouddh Sansparsh Part III
  • “Gandhi Darshan ke Vividh Aayam”

Research Projects – Three research projects, financed by UGC, have also been completed successfully by the centers

  • “Naitik Avamulyan ko Niyantrit Karne me Goutam Buddha ka Avadaan”
  • “Mahila Shashaktikaran evam Gandhiji”
  • “Bouddh Shikshaon kee Manav Jeevan me Saarthakta”

Other activities - “Yuva Sarvoday Shivir”, “Vipashyana”, Samanvay Karyakram, Bouddh Vimarsh, Writing and Reading of Research-Papers, “Prerak-Prasang”, Speech, Posters and Quiz contest etc.

A Students Council is constituted every year with a view to associate the students directly with the study-centers.

Feed back of students regarding their experiences with the centers are also obtained to improve the quality of centers and introduce innovations.