Home Science labs – Food and nutrition, Clothing and Textile

Food and Nutrition lab

The foods and nutrition lab is well equipped with appliances which cater to the needs of different cooking methods viz: microwaves and otgs for baking, grilling and low fat cooking. It is equipped with steamers for cooking dishes using steam, Air fryer and grillers for cooking through roasting, Gas stoves for cooking through deep frying, boiling etc.

Other than these the lab has food processors, rice cooker, electric kettle, hand blender, toasters, induction, RO, refrigerator, chimney, measuring cups and spoons, utensils of different metals, serving equipment’s for different types of foods and beverages both for formal and informal settings. Regular practical classes are held to teach students various cooking skills in many cuisines.

Textile Lab

In this lab the students are introduced to the skills required for stitching garments. The equipment’s in the lab includes hand operated sewing machines, pedal sewing machines, fashion makers, ironing board , steam iron, microscopes overhead projector, washing machine, screens and blocks. The lab has counters for drafting, cutting and fiber identification where the students are provided with microscopes in order to have the microscopic view of the fibers.

Dyeing and printing is taught to the students in which they prepare samples of tie and dye, batik, screen, stencil, block printing etc.

They are also taught embroidery styles of various Indian states - which als forms a part of their curriculum.