Proctorial Board

Proctorial Board

Discipline is very important in every aspect of life including the college life. It promotes positive values and feelings of responsibilities. It encourages punctuality and develops the quality of leadership amongst the students.

A Discipline Committee is constituted in the college every year. Discipline Committee has two components viz. Proctorial Board and Prefect Committee.

Proctorial Board: Proctorial Board consists of one Chief Proctor and other Proctors, which are nominated by the Principal from amongst the College Professors. Presently the Proctorial Board consists of:

Chief Proctor: Dr. Ruchi Gupta , Associate Professor, Music

Proctors: Dr. Kanak Lata Singh, Associate Professor, Sociology

Dr. Preeti Pathak Associate Professor, pol. Science

Dr. Asha Gupta Associate Professor, Hindi

Dr. Deep Shikha Singh Assist. Professor, Music

Dr. Priti Verma Assist. Professor, Sitar

Dr. Ruchi Singhal Assist Professor, English

Dr. Pragya Rawat Assist. Professor, Commerce

Student Prefect Committee: Prefect Committee consists of one Chief Prefect, Assistant Prefects and other Prefects nominated by Proctorial Board from amongst college students.

Objects of the Committee: The objects of the Committee are to promote positive values, to encourage punctuality and discipline, to develop the quality of leadership amongst the students and to prepare law abiding citizens.

Functions of the Committee: In order to achieve its objectives, the Committee performs various types of functions. The main function of the Committee is to maintain discipline in the college. The other functions include:

  • Formulation of a College Code of Behaviour and to update it regularly;
  • Identification of students who manifest challenging behaviour and planning to check such behaviour;
  • Establishment of healthy inter-personal relationships with students, teachers and college personnel;
  • Informing students of their rights and corresponding responsibilities;
  • Maintain discipline in activities and programmes organized by the college.
  • Creation of awareness amongst students on contemporary issues like women empowerment, democratic reform and legal awareness etc.